a plan for sustainable impact

Our Plan: Through the documentary film that tells Bulbul’s story, effective partnerships, audience development, and the series of events and cause-based marketing that will follow the film’s release, we aim to bring sustainable impact to Bulbul’s life, and the lives of countless girls who share her story. Our intention is to serve as a conduit for these girls and their community to share their story with the world. The documentary aims to catalyze fundamental change at both local and international levels, addressing issues of caste discrimination, human rights, poverty, trafficking and child sex slavery, all of which have been propelled by the unabated effects of globalization in today's modern India.


Our Theory of Change: We are helping Bulbul tell her story because when we close our eyes, and open our hearts, we see a world in which every child has the opportunity to dream, learn and pursue happiness. We see a world in which every human being has an opportunity to make a unique contribution to our world supported by a global community, and empowered by education and economic opportunity. Our mission is to align what we see in our hearts with what ours eyes meet when we open them. By telling the story of Bulbul and her community, and by partnering with global distribution mediums, we can affect change.




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